In this episode we are going to go over the criteria and expectations that we think should be included in a Cryptosocial media platform. What we think you should look for in a social media home.

The Criteria:

  1. Is it decentralized?
  • How is it decentralized? Blockchain or federated?
  • Can you “trust” the platform to be there or can it disappear? This is the problem I (UB) have with the Fediverse. Most people cant self host so therefore they must put their trust in someone else to maintain an instance. Which means if that person runs out of money that instance can be shutdown without notification to the users of it.

3. Can it delete, ban or block you from access to your account?

4. If it’s a blockchain can you power down/unstake, convert and/or withdraw your crypto you earned on it?

5. How vibrant is the ecosystem that is being built around it? Is there more than one frontend to it?

6. How easy is it to get on board? Does it require any kind of KYC?

7. How is the platform funded? Venture capital? Private funding? Who is paying for the infrastructure?

8. Is there a company behind the blockchain? (This is important to me UB) I am not a fan of a company funded blockchain because that typically means they hold the lion’s share of the crypto and most likely fold up and move on if there isn’t a decent ROI.

9. Do the witnesses, founders, and other power brokers earn rewards and follow the same rules as everyone else or do they have a different set of rules for themselves?

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People get banned from social media. Because they dont tow the line and big tech answers to no one. They are in control. Whether it’s left or right. If the platform has a TOS that states they can delete your account. Then you should expect it to happen at any time for any reason. Those kinds of terms means you are only ok with the current operators of the service. Until you do or say something that reflects bad on their real customers, the advertisers. Because you know they cant sell bad product (you)  to their customers.

What we covered:

Who are we?

What this podcast is about & what it isnt

Why are we doing this podcast?

Where can you find this podcast?

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How to contact us:


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Additional reading:

News we taked about:

FBI:Crooks are using this method to steal crypto

Cryptocurrency company accidentally transfers $10.5m to Austrailian woman and doesn’t notice for seven months – This could be HUGE!!!


Hi all! Unkle Bonehead here.

Just wanted to give you all an update and announce when the podcast will officially start. Episode 001 An Interview with Ourselves will drop in the feed on Wednesday September 13, 2022. Then every episode after that will land in your podcast catcher each Wednesday.

We will be recording the episodes 8 days in advance of release. Those we will record live and you are welcome to come watch/listen to us live in our Discord server as we do them. We will interact with you and do our best to answer questions if you have any.

We will be recording them on Tuesdays at 11am through the end of October. When we may need to make a change on recording time. But we will cross that bridge when we get there.

Allen and I very excited to host this podcast and cant wait to really dig into this topic.

We will see you soon with Episode 001 An Interview with ourselves.

Come join us on Tuesday 9/17/22 at 11 am eastern in our discord as we record episode 2!


Audio version from Anchor below.


I told you I would be back with an announcement post. So here it goes. The official podcast will start early October but it is already available to subscribe to on all the major podcast platforms. I will be setting up a subscribe page soon. If not have it posted before you read this post.

A Discord Server

We also have a discord server that is set up for discussion on all the different platforms that we will be talking about. There is also a spanish speaking room as well. If the need arises for any more other languages I will be happy to set those up as well.
It’s really easy to join the discord server. All you have to do is join by going to https://defluenced.online/discord

Thats where we will be recording the podcast live in front of an audience. We will give the audience a chance in each episode to ask questions. You dont have to have a mic turned on. Just ask the question in chat. On Wednesday9/07 we will be doing this 3:00 pm. Not every week will be this short of notice. Nor will it be the same day and time every week. But we will be recording at least 3 of these in advance of the start date. That way we can maintain a good buffer of content in case we need it.

The first episode will be “An Interview with Us” a kind of get to know us and what to expect from the podcast.

The cohost?

The cohost is an accomplished author and journalist Allen Taylor. Author of the book Cryptosocial and the (nearly) daily newsletter/substack Cryptocracy. You can find him on Hive @allentaylor. He’s been around for quite awhile. Being on Steemit back in the day before the hard fork. So he’s got the experience and smarts that I don’t and can offer a lot of great commentary on this whole thing.

This podcast is going to be mainly geared towards people outside of Hive but I would love to have all my Hive peeps be a part of this to show just how awesome Hive is for social media. Real people creating a real life community about all kinds of subjects.

We plan on covering anything and everything in the decentralized social media, Web3, NFT’s and Fediverse space. We will do in depth reviews, interviews with prominent users and developers of these projects and present this in a way that anybody can understand, join and use.

So come join us for the live recordings and the episodes will start dropping in early October.




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Sometimes you gotta wonder whether you’re a bonehead. ROFL!

I just tried to do an introduction post and ended up using the wrong account on Hive. I meant to use this one. https://ecency.com/@defluenced. But everybody knows I’m a dork. So just ignore that post on my personal account and pretend it came from this one.

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Are you defluenced?

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I dont often do book reviews. And by often I actually mean “ever”. But I have to say something about this book. I am going to say that I think everybody should read this one. Especially if you are interested in decentralized social media. I learned of this book in wee early morning hours today. I was drinking my coffee almost 12 hrs ago at the time of this writing. When the author commented on my post from yesterday. He was stating that he would like to be a guest on the new podcast and was all “by the way here’s a book I wrote”, lol. My first thought was cool. Now I for sure have a couple of people that want to come on the show.

But then I read the title of the book and to say that my interest was peeked wood be an understatement. But I had no time to spare at the moment. Had to get ready for the day job. But through out the day I found myself looking harder and harder at the description of the book the more enticed I was. So by the time the lunch hour rolled around I was genuinely intrigued. I plopped down the money to buy it and tore into it on the Kindle Cloud Reader. It’s currently $13 on Kindle $27 for paperback. It’s listed on a few other sites as well for similar amounts. I will link those all below.

But the book!

OH, the book, for me is a constant page turner. Only stretching to 252 pages spanning10 chapters plus all the references contained in it. It could be a really quick read for some of you super readers. But not for your old Unkle Bonehead.

I found myself reading a chapter and then reading that chapter again. Seemed like after going through it once I felt like I was missing something. And I think I am going have to read this a few times to fully grasp the full concept and scope of Cryptosocial: How Crytopcurrencies Are Changing Social Media by Allen Taylor.

cryptosocial book cover

The not a review review

As I said I have essentially read this book twice today. Each chapter twice. What I read is basicaly the culmination of what I have looked at the last two years but not anywhere to the extent to what Allen has covered in this book. I only knew of 4, maybe 5 or 6 of the social media platforms he talks about. I had no clue there was that many of them. I also had heard things about Minds and BitChute were supposedly on blockchains. I have accounts on both of them. I’ve never saw anywhere that they had blockchain aspects or crytpto currency related to them. All I knew about them was that Minds seemed to be more like a super tight club to get any traction on let alone try to build an audience with and Bitchute was where I could find all the tin foil hat wearers. Lol. Ya gotta admit there are some strange ones on there.

I digress.

He mentions my beloved Hive in it a lot. Personally I wish there could’ve been a bit more about Hive in there. But thats probably my bias showing. You all know me I am not shy about my bias towards Hive. It’s given me a lot of opportunity over the last 2 years and the people on it are very genuine and generous who dont mind laying out the facts and letting you form your own opinion on things. All while not hating you for it or trying to force your way of thinking.

He talks about how the blockchain has gotten into social media, working its way through gaming and NFT’s and even where its going in the future. Allen presents this in a style thats very easy to understand. He doesnt ever try to sway anybodys opinion on one blockchain over another. Nor does he dive into any specs of the technology behind them. I gotta say hes my kind of guy. He just lays it all out to you in a neat, organized way so you can do with them what you want.

I don’t ever recommend books to read but I think I’m going to start. And the first one you need to read is this one. This book has not only made me rethink my direction with the podcast and blog already. But I will say that if you want to know exactly what you are getting into with social media blockchains and decentralization this is a must read! The links below are NOT affiliate links. The links are taken directly from his site.

Where you can buy the book:

You can follow him on Hive here

Go to his site here

Subscribe to his Cryptocracy substack here

Other places you can find me:

Podcast – https://defluenced.online
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Photo by Alexas Fotos: https://www.pexels.com/photo/time-for-change-sign-with-led-light-2277784/

As all things do. It’s time for me to make a change. No I’m not leaving Hive. I will never, ever do that. But I am going to do my best to get the word out about it and all the other ways people can be decentralized with their social media and online lives. So I’m starting this site Defluenced. Which is going to be my home away from home on Hive. It’s going to be a place where I can center all my efforts with a new podcast in hopes of gaining a following off chain and slowly drip the enticing bits of using Hive and other decentralized social media such as Mastodon. Im going to take the Indieweb approach and attempt to link everything back to here. I will still do what I can to be social on pretty much everywhere. But I may not get around to do doing all the feedback as much as I would like to since I am still working a full time job and being a dad & husband.

The podcast will be hosted on Anchor.fm so that they can distrubute it across all the major platforms. And I found a cool little WordPress plugin to insert the players here. I will also still be sharing my video versions through the usual channels. Although I may sadly end up using 3Speak less because I have this blog linked to Hive and do not want to be double/triple posting.
This podcast is going to be much more like the old Self Hosted Podcast & TruckinNutz that I used to do. Where I actually put work into scripting an outline and doing mini series in to it. I want to do this right. If you have a project you would like to talk about on the podcast and how it relates to being decentralized. Then by all means hit me up. I want you on the podcast! I already have a list of people I plan on hitting up for interviews, lol.

I do plan on attempting to tie in the community I created on Locals as a way to help fund people who join up to Hive.

Slowly it’s starting to come together and my plan to get as many people on decentralized social media is actually taking foot right here, right now.


Now lets see if this will post to Hive using the Exxp plugin. Kinda wonder how it’s going to look since WordPress is in html and Hive is in Markdown.

Till next time, Dont stick your finger where you wouldnt sitck your face.

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